2010 – The Year of Alignment

The Year 2010 - Year of Alignment2010, what an awesome year it has been so far.

Towards the end of 2009, what I kept getting in my spirit was 2010 is going to be a YEAR OF ALIGNMENT. A year of aligning our wills, plans, purposes and agendas to Gods’.

Alignment became my watchword throughout December 2009, those closest to me must have been getting bored but they were patient with me. To me December 2009, was a wake up call to get my life in order and line up to God’s plan for my life so that I can move into the next phase of my life with ease.

Just like a car, it drives well when it is aligned using less petrol, but when it is misaligned, tyres get worn out quickly, you use more petrol and, it becomes expensive to maintain – this is the bit I have gleaned from people who know about cars since I am clueless about cars.  As long as it moves, I am fine and I have only changed a tyre once, assisted by my daughter, shame on me! I know.

I must confess there have been times I have prayed I don’t want any car problem when my husband is away, let whatever wait till he comes!!  Thank God my girls are not like that, if not with three ladies driving in the house, he will have lots of cars to fix when he comes.

So back to alignment, my prayer and desire this year is to follow God’s blueprint and mandate and to discover the strategies for accomplishing the mandate gloriously … I pray this will also your prayer.

One of the strategies God gave me the third week in January was to encourage people to pray in the first quarter of the year, I wasn’t sure how this would be done but, the more I pondered over it, the more I felt impressed to ask not just the members in our church but also ask the ministry prayer partners to join in a Jubilee (50 days) prayer chain.

I wasn’t sure if people will think 50 days is too much – I wanted to reduce the days but there was no release to reduce it.  One thing I have come to realize in life it that when a project is bigger than you, you have no choice but to depend on the Lord. The Lord encouraged me with the support I got when I started calling round to let people know about the prayer chain, they were excited about it and wanted to join.

I really praised the Lord and to cap it all on Saturday 23rd of January, I called my sister to let her know about the prayer chain, just 5 minutes into the conversation she asked me if I realized that the more I was talking about the prayers, the more my voice was getting clearer and clearer.  I had been suffering from a bad cold and was poorly Saturday morning.  I kept praying, “Father you have to heal me” because  I didn’t even have the energy to type the prayer points. The Lord miraculously healed me, not only was I able to put down the prayer points for the first 21 days but was also able to minister in church the following Sunday.

I pray these 50 days of prayers will be full of testimonies in Jesus name.  We will see total breakthrough in Jesus name.

I have been refreshed since we started and testimonies of refreshing times have started coming in, the prophetic utterances from people since we started has been amazing, we’ll try and collate at the end of each week testimonies and prophecies from the Lord and post them on the blog You are blessed and favoured for life.


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