Divine Encounter Series 1

Ministry of The WordOn September 20th 2009, I began the Divine Encounter Series 1.  Luke 5: 1-11.

Even though I shared the same passage last week at another service, the Lord gave me a fresh Rhema for Good News Assembly (GNA).

Divine Encounter is when Divinity comes into contact with humanity.

The timing of the encounter is known to God. He does the visitation, ours is to be open, embrace and welcome Him. The first series is Peter’s encounter with the Lord Jesus.

Peter’s place of encounter was at his work place, at the sea, fancy God showing up at your work, what will he find you doing?  Will you recognise Him, will you welcome Him?? Jesus can show up at anytime and anywhere, be alert.

The date was not the best day for Peter, it was one of his worst days, a rough day, he had spent all night fishing and nothing to show for it. At those early hours he must have been tired and upset, he just wanted to wash his nets and go home but his plans and agenda for the day were interrupted by the Lord for the miraculous to take place in His life. I pray we will experience such divine interruptions and encounters that our lives will change for good.

Before the encounter, Peter was a fisherman with an empty boat. The course of his life changed by his obedience to the prophetic utterance by the Lord – ‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch’, Peter’s boat became filled up; he had to seek for help. Peter was broken and realised he was a sinful man, he knelt and worshipped Jesus. From fisherman to fishers of men.

When divine encounter takes place, lives are changed, our will and purposes gets aligned to His purpose and will.
How we need divine encounters today, we need deliverance from our empty lives. For many stubbornly pursue goals and agendas that are heading nowhere. We need the Father like never before to break through into our churches and homes with experiences that will bring us to our knees. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus, come!

Toyin Jama

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Emmanuel Adeshipe - October 2, 2009 Reply

Wow, I receive my own Divine encounter in Jesus Name. I am very encouraged with what I see here, this whole website is uplifting I pray for more anointing over your life in Jesus Name. I will definitely be looking forward to future series, especially the ones on this same heading, because as soon as I saw this topic ‘Divine Encounter’, the story of Paul on road to Damascus,(Acts 9:1-19) automatically sprung to mind. His own encounter was such a transformation that he went from persecuting and killing Christians, to encouraging cities and Nations with the Word, as we find in his 13 powerful letters that we all know and love in the New Testament. So once again may God continue to bless you and your Ministry and grant you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding in Jesus Name, Amen

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