Foundational Prayer points for New Year 2011 and new decade 2011-2020

Foundational Prayer points for New Year 2011 and new decade 2011-2020

The next 10 years is crucial for all of us. Ten means completeness, we have ended one decade and started a new decade. What are your dreams and goals spiritually, physically, financially, martially, career wise, business wise – the list is endless. This is an opportunity to lay foundation for the next 10 years, to seek the face of God and sow good seeds, bear fruit and harvest bountifully – Ez 47:1-12, Ps 1, Is 65:21-23. As a result we are spending the next ten weeks to pray.

The book of Daniel shall be used as a basis of our prayers in addition to other scriptures. Please refer to Jubilee Prayer Journal for some other relevant scriptures

1. Live a life of holiness and consecration –

He purposes in his heart not to defile himself, Dan 1:8, Love God with all your heart Deut 6:5

Be ye holy for I am holy – 1 Peter 1:16, Without holiness no man will see god Hebrews 12:14

Seek ye first the kingdom of God Matt 6:33, Come out from among them  2 Cor 6:17

2. To be led of the Lord, increase in spiritual insights and anointing

God gave Daniel understanding in all visions and dreams Dan 1:17, Dan 2:17-22, Dan 9:22

My sheep hears my voice John 10:27, Steps of a good man are ordered Ps 37:23

I will instruct and teach you Ps 32:8, outpouring of the Holy Spirit Joel 2:28-29, Acts 1:8

3. To be consistent in praying and reading the word, and in the service of the Lord

Daniel prayed three times as was his custom Dan 6:10, Dan 2:18, Dan 9

Meditate on his word day and night and observe to do Joshua 1:8

Study to show yourself approve 2 timothy 2:15, Hearers and doers of the word James 1:22

The God you serve continually will deliver you: Daniel 6:16, 20

4. Confident and Faith in God –

Those who know their God will  be strong and do exploits Dan 11:32

He believed in His God Dan 6:23, Without faith it is impossible to please God Heb 11:6

Because Mary believed there was a performance Luke 1:45

5. Favour with God and man

Daniel had favour and goodwill of the chief of the eunuch Dan 1:9

Joseph had favour with Potiphar Gen 39:4, Samuel grew in favour 1 Sam 2:26

Jesus grew in favour Luke 2:52, the righteous is surrounded with favour Ps 5:12, Ps 102:13

6. Deliverance from physical and spiritual attacks of the enemy

Delivered from the fiery furnace Dan 3:19, Delivered from the lions den Daniel 6

No weapons formed against us shall prosper Is 54:17, Ps 91, Ps 107:19-20

7. Family and generation

Confess the generation and family sins Dan 9, Ex 20:5. Unity and love Ps 133

Restoration of blessings Dan 9, Ex 3:21-22, Zech 9:11-12, Mercies to generations Ex 20:6

8. Health

Their features appeared better and fatter Dan 1:14, Prosper and be in good health 3 John 1:2

Heals all diseases and youth is renewed Ps 103, I am the Lord that heals you Ex 15:26

9. Success at work, studies, business, ministry

Promotion: Dan 2:48, Dan 6:3, Dan 6:28, Gen 39, Ps 75:6 Wisdom Ja 1:5, 1 Sam 18:5,14-15

Excellent spirit Dan 6:3, Intelligent Dan 1:20, Fruitful Gen 1:28, Breakthrough Gen 26

10. Grateful and Thankful

I thank You and Praise You Dan 2:23, Dan 6:10, In everything give thanks 1 Thes 5:18

Bless the Lord oh my soul Ps 103, Ps 34:1 Praise in battle: 2 Chr 20:22, Acts 16:25

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