Oasis In The Valley

As long as we are on planet Earth, we wil pass through valleys of Baca (Tears) caused by various afflictions. The duration of being in the valley of affliction is usually unknown; which tends to add to the frustration.

How do you keep going about your daily activities while in the valley?
How do you continue to be a parent while your marriage is crumbling?
How do you continue to go to work so that bills can be paid while you are nursing a sick relative?

Oasis In The Valley shares principles that help one to thrive during a season of affliction whilst waiting for breakthrough. Principles that will help you pass through the valley of tears and make it an oasis containing refreshing water from the Lord to rejuvenate you and those around you.

Remove the mask - Be Transparent Before God
Encourage Yourself In The Lord
Trust and depend On God For Guidance
Know God Is With You
Keep The Right Attitude - Don't Be Bitter
Don't Let The Situation Confine or Define You
Focus On What Is Working
Don't Give Up
Keep On Serving
 Know That All Things Will Work Together For Good