September 09: A Month of Delivery

New BeginningsComing into September 2009, after a successful Women of Purpose and Influence convention in August, 7th to 9th, and my visit to Nigeria to see my grandma, end of August, I asked myself, “what next?” It resonates in my spirit that this month is going to be the month of delivery, a month of fruitful manifestation. September is month nine. 9 is very symbolic in that women give birth in month 9 with some exceptions. We are also in 2009. So I believe there is double anointing to give birth this month.
Two sites have been delivered this month – and, thanks to midwife Trish Jones, who did an excellent and brilliant job in helping me to deliver, including hosting me at her house, I was spoilt. She helped me clarify my presence on the NET.

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