Divine Encounter 2

A Divine Encounter Moses was another person who had a Divine Encounter in Exodus chapter 3.

Moses was in exile at this point in his life. He ran away after killing an Egyptian and was under the death threat from pharaoh yet suffered rejection from his people whom he had taken sides with. It must have been a confusing and lonely state. The only thing that must have been a source of comfort for him at this time must be his marriage to Ziporah albeit not such a comfortable living arrangement. I am not sure many men would like to live and work for their father in laws. Most men would prefer to whisk their women away into their castle be it a one bedroom apartment or 5 bedroom house and be the lord of the castle with no interference. What a humbling experience, no wonder the bible describes him as the meekest man. He has gone through the school of hard knocks. Now another chapter of his life is about to begin.

Like Peter there was no prior warning of the divine visitation, he was about his normal business, looking after the sheep. As said in Divine Encounter 1, the timing of visitation belongs to the lord, ours is to open up and welcome him.

It was when the Lord saw that Moses turned aside to look that God called to him in vs4.  Many opportunities have been missed by us not being sensitive to the move of God. The Lord may show up at any time. It could be in a service or may be whilst doing other day-to-day activities like shopping, having a shower, cooking etc. I remember a time I was busy programming at work, the presence of the Lord enveloped me and it was impressed on my spirit to pray for a brother. I prayed for the brother in my heart and went to call him during my lunch time.  It was amazing he was having it rough and God used me to encourage him. I pray God will help us to respond appropriately as we encounter Him in our day-to-day life. Sometimes we become too analytical and explain away the move of God.

The angel of the lord appeared to Moses in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush. What an awesome sight. It is crucial to take note and catalogue the nature of our encounters with the Lord because they are often prophetic. The flame of fire is quite symbolic.  Jesus has been described as the light of the world.  When there is light, darkness and confusion disappears. Light brings direction, we are able to see where we are going, order comes into our life. God gave Moses direction, the encounter enacted God’s purposes and plans for Moses – to deliver His people from the hands of Pharaoh. Fire also brings heat and power. With each assignment comes the power to carry out that assignment. The disciples were empowered on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-4 when the Holy Spirit appeared to them divided tongues as of fire.  The Holy Spirit has also been described as a consuming fire, the Egyptians were totally consumed in the river yet the Israelites walked on dry ground.

Just like the bush was not consumed so we His children will not be consumed as we go through different life experiences that feels as if we are in a burning bush. Is 43:2 . declared that God will be with us as we pass through the waters, the waters will not overflow us and we will not be burned in fire nor be scorched in flame. The Hebrew boys were a testimony to this verse, if He did it for them; we too will not consumed when thrown into the fire, in Jesus name.

Moses left the castle and the privileges of royalty to become a shepherd which is symbolic to God’s calling on his life, shepherding His people out of bondage to freedom, just like Peter went from being a fisherman to fishers of men.

All things work together for good to them that love God and called according to His purpose, Romans 8:28 so, don’t despise where you are right now, it will all work out for your good. My father used to say no knowledge is wasted. Every experience will come in handy one day, so relax, God is in control.

Moses the prince, the murderer, the shepherd now called to be a deliverer. It just shows it is not over till God says it is over, so don’t let anyone write you off. The next chapter in your life is about to begin, rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.


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